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> over.  Let's have more trip reports from the folks who are still out
> there.

Saturday:  Wake up at 6, load the car, check the weather, debate the
expected conditions with the LG, go back to bed.  High winds, cold temps and
heavy low clouds means no corn for 'Chromer today.

Sugarloaf 4/15:  Got on the mountain about 10:30, things were just starting
to soften up.  Amazingly there was 1"-2" of fresh light powder in the mogul
troughs up high, it must have snowed a little on Saturday.  Unfortunately it
was dust over refrozen corn.  The Lobster Grrrl and I followed the sun
around the mountinan, starting out under the King Pine chair, and slowly
making our way across to the Superquad.  Hero snow down low, hard up top.

Late in the day the LG switched over to tele gear, and we spent a few runs
under the Wiffletree quad going over the basics, then it was off to the
summit for a last run down Tote Road from top to bottom.  She did very well.
She borrowed my T1's yesterday and said they were much easier to ski than
the T3's she used Sunday, so I expect another convert to combat tele gear is
in the making...

The summit was still pretty much winter conditions, the trees on the top
200'-300' of the mountain were rimed even at the end of the day.

I got a nice sunburn out of the deal.

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