Stewart wrote:

>why should skiing be considered different than tennis( a leisure activity),
>camping(folks seem to prefer rv's to backpacks),golf(carts,luxury resorts),going
>to a sporting event or any other recreational activity...

For me, the answer to this is simple: skiing is not a leisure activity, nor is it a recreational activity - it's a sport.  And a risk sport, at that.  About the only risk of injury playing golf is taking a tee shot to the head or rolling your cart on a sidehill.  <Yawn.>  I suppose that doubles tennis adds a unique element or two of risk, but hey.  Camping?  Backpacking?  Love 'em both, but again ... recreational and/or leisure activities.

Skiing, by contrast, is as said above a risk sport.  You *may* get hurt.  You *may* get cold on a mountaintop.  You *may* get lost.  Part of that element of risk is what gets me jazzed up on skiing, windsurfing, etc. ... and not on golf.  In a nutshell, many of the currently popular "resorts" are resorts because they've reduced skiing to a leisure activity.  "Why not try it?  ANYBODY can ski on the trails that we groom!  And if you get bored, we've got lots of other, equally-exciting leisure activities to enjoy as you're spending money at our all-inclusive resort that's all things to all people.  Go see a movie.  Go play mini-golf in the center of the village.  Relax with a mud facial in our spa.  You don't have to ski every day to enjoy yourself here, because we have lots of other things to do, too!"


Had skiing always been a leisure activity, I'd have no right to gripe.  But when skiing is "dumbed-down" to appeal to the largest market possible to drive the greatest revenues derivable, I feel like I'm losing my sport.  You know, one thing that really struck me at Tremblant is how a resort has managed to truly mask and hide such an enormous amount of history.  I was anxious to see Tremblant just because of where it's been ... alas, I could only see where it's going to.

Marc Guido
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