JimB said it all.  What a day!!!  I suspect that Marc may have more to say
about Friday after his experience at Tremblent on Saturday.  We both had a
blast on Friday as welll!!

FWIW, I have now met a couple of resort director/presidents in the course of
the recent FT work I've been doing.   However, the enthusiasm, pride in the
resort, sheer "gungho-ness" of President Charles was absolutely unreal.  The
guy burnt my legs out trying to keep up with him!  He's a great (and
freakin' fast) skier who basically ran us ragged doing laps off the high
speed quad for the entire morning.  It's actually almost disconcerting at
first to see someone that high up the resort food chain arcin' 'em across
the hill, then catching a couple of twisting airs off some of the trail
rolls, then RUNNING down a rock and moss-covered slope to reach a closed
area.  What is it about Quebec tour guides anyway?

Fortunately, he did tell us that he's slowed down a little since a bad
motocross accident.  But it still got to the point that when Charles started
talking about how he also coaches his oldest son's hockey team, and that he
often drives the bus to the games, Marc looked at him and said "there's no
WAY I'd be takin' that bus!" (or words to that effect).

Once again, The Townships experince reinforced my view that it's the best
ski region in eastern Canada.  This was confimed after Marc and I visited
"Le Disnee Nord" (aka Mont Tremblant) on Saturday.   As I allluded to
earlier, Marc might have more to say on this than me.  I try to find a good
side to every resort I visit.  I do see why it's a good - no, a GREAT- place
for a (somewhat pricey) family vacation where the ability and overall
interest make skiing only a "part of the mix". Tons to do, see, shop.  Cosy
faux Quebecois atmosphere.

On the flip side.  Crowds, crowds, crowds.  More crowds.  Congestion on the
hill.  An impersonal "resort" feel.  McRun after McRun. Most sadly, we quit
our ski day at 3:00 (despite a late start) because of -OHMYGOD- boredom!

Strangely, the last place this happened to me was Blew Mountain, another
Intrawest progeny.  Don't get me wrong.  Tremblant is a huge and varied
place and the average skier there seemed to be enjoying it.  Frankly, it
left Marc and I strangely underwhelmed.  Let's just say I'll have to give it
another chance sometime.

Not that it is especially relevant to the List, but I tried to sneak home
due south along Hwy327 across the Ottawa River in an attempt to bypass
Montreal.  DON'T! What ensued was two hours of bone-jarring frost-heaved
pot-holed switch-backs along twisty lakefronts, most of it behind drivers
travelling 30 miles per hour. Just think "top of AppGap" for two hours. Note
to self: Drive home through Montreal next time.

Unfortunately, this weekend also probably ends my season.  I can't stand the
thought of another 16 hour round-trip drive, and I've got to get back to
making some money for next season.  I may make Killington/Tuck's in May.

If I don't, thank you (Everyone!) for my most memorable season ever.  The
kids thought you were the coolest bunch of poeple they've ever met, despite
the fact you hang with Dad and Briar. Skiing - it can be the world's
greatest family unifier IMHO if you work hard at making it so.  In an way,
many of the people on this list have almost become like a big extended
family (complete with several disfunctional members).  Couldn't have
imagined saying something like that a couple of years ago.  I hope you like
my resort reviews on FT this summer, and that those reports get you thinking
about next year!

In the words of the wise Telenaut, "This List has changed my life". <sniff,
snuffle etc.>


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