Nancy, you can search & retrieve the CFR at this link:

Using this one will take you direct to the search page
for archives:

You can do a Boolean search that should retrieve it.
You may also be able to access it directly if you search
using google & you may well end up lucky & be able to
link to it directly.   If it gives you any grief, shoot
me an e-mail & I'll see if I can't help you out on it! :)

Bill Nichols
Eglin AFB, FL
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findings of a screening mammogram....but--the query this new person got
concerned  when a BREAST ULTRASOUND can be ordered....which apparently
is NOT referred to in this 42CFR410.32 how can this
Federal Regulation be found so that it can be carefully read to verify
tht indeed it DOES NOT allow any guidance re breast ultrasound? HELP
Thanks Nancy Washburne Temple [log in to unmask]