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North American Serials Interest Group
17th Annual Conference
June 20-23, 2002



        The 17th annual conference of the North American Serials Interest Group
(NASIG) will be held at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg,
Virginia, June 20-23, 2002.  William & Mary is the second oldest college in
the United States and is located in the former colonial capital of Virginia.
A small, state-assisted institution with 7,500 students, the college has
received consistently high rankings in U.S. News & World Report’s surveys
and in other guidebooks that rank colleges and universities.  Although the
school is primarily liberal arts in focus, it also has a well-respected law
school, business school, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to
round out its academic offerings.  The college rests on 1200 acres, part of
which contains the “Old Campus” which has been restored to 18th Century
appearance, and adjoins historic Colonial Williamsburg, a living history
museum dedicated to late 1700 Virginia life.  Former Chief Justice Warren
Burger once said of William & Mary, “Harvard is a pretty good school, too,
but you’ve got to go a long way to find a school as good as this one.”
Williamsburg and the College of William & Mary are wonderful places.  Start
planning now to attend this conference for a revolutionary experience.

NASIG’s annual conference provides participants with an open and collegial
forum to discuss current and relevant issues and to meet their colleagues
who are involved in various aspects of the serials chain—from publication to
presentation, from promotion to preservation.  The conference is an
opportunity for participants to exchange information about serials
publications, trends, issues, innovations and other related topics.  The
conference proceedings are published in both electronic and print formats.
The electronic version is made available to all NASIG members at NASIG’s
Website:  [NOTE: A call for Poster Sessions will be
issued separately at a later date.]

The 2002 Program Planning Committee invites proposals for pre-conference,
plenary, issue (concurrent) and workshop sessions that support this year’s
conference theme—“Transforming Serials: The Revolution Continues.”  This
year’s theme underscores the ongoing effects technology has on scholarly
communications and serial publications, the rapid changes in presentation of
information and seamless interfaces, the evolving skills publishers, vendors
and librarians need to meet the needs of information seekers, the need for
cooperation and communication among publishers, vendors and librarians.

Plenary Papers and Issues (Concurrent) Sessions:

The Committee seeks proposals for plenary papers and concurrent sessions
that are visionary or comprehensive.  These sessions should provide
conference participants with the conceptual framework of new trends, the
intellectual underpinnings for reconsidering information delivery models,
the effects the restructuring of the serial publications industries has on
scholarly communication and intellectual property rights, or any other
presentation of “big picture” issues.  Sessions also may focus on analyses
of trends, historical perspectives and their influence on current economic
models, the future of the serials industry and libraries, among other

Those submitting proposals for plenary and/or concurrent sessions may want
to consider the following questions:
·       What technologies will be incorporated to improve access to serial
·       What role will publishers, vendors and librarians have in the production
and dissemination of future serial publications?
·       What effect will new technologies have on “best practices” and “core
·       What does it mean to “redefine serials” and what effect will it have on
information users and information practitioners?

Other additional suggestions to spark ideas include but certainly are not
limited to:
·       Transforming libraries and user needs
·       Transforming serials production and presentation
·       Distance education and distributed learning
·       Knowledge management, skills and tools
·       Preservation models and “refreshing” technologies
·       Digital and virtual “libraries”
·       Distribution models and personalized information requirements

Workshops and Pre-conference Sessions

The Committee invites proposals for workshops and pre-conference sessions
that provide practical information about implementing change, restructuring
procedures, managing serials within a rapidly evolving work and business
environment, promoting positive reassignments of duties, and developing new
skill sets.  Typically, pre-conference coordinators provide a hands-on
demonstration and learning environment.  Workshop leaders provide collegial
support and facilitate discussion with participants.  Such sessions are
designed to impart and share information regarding local processes,
procedures, and practices.

Some suggested topics to spark ideas include but certainly are not limited
·       Evaluating, acquiring, managing and accessing electronic journals and
·       Assessing and managing electronic journal publishers and aggregators
·       New roles for publishers, vendors, or librarians
·       Forging new partnerships and relationships
·       Intellectual property rights and copyright management
·       Managing change while managing staff
·       Developing new partnerships and new business models
·       Metadata management
·       XML, ONIX, and implementing other new standards
·       Outreach and strategic planning—identifying information users and their
·       Re-evaluating traditional practices

NASIG’s 2002 Program Planning Committee invites members of the information
community to submit proposals and to suggest topics or speakers.  Since the
Committee reviews all submitted proposals for their content, timeliness, and
relevance to the conference theme, the Committee reserves the right to
combine, blend, or refocus proposals to maximize their relevance.  The
Committee also welcomes proposal suggestions from teams of three or more
people, however, the Committee requests the team identify no more than two

When submitting a proposal, please include ALL of the following information:
1.      Name
2.      Mailing address
3.      Telephone number, fax number, and email address
4.      Program title
5.      Program type (plenary, concurrent, workshop or pre-conference)
6.      A 200-300 word abstract, which clearly states the proposal topic, its
relationship to the conference theme, and its relevance for conference

Proposals should be submitted (via email, if possible) no later than:
AUGUST 1, 2001 to

Meg Mering, NASIG Secretary
Principal Serials Cataloger
N209 Love Library
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE  68588-0410
402.472.2534 (fax)
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