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>Lower down that same shoulder of Adams is a place
>called Crag Camp, a swank RMC cabin at something like 4200'. Staying at an
>RMC camp instead of an AMC one is way cheaper too, under $5/night last
>time I checked. Just how hard it is to get a space in one this time of
>year I dunno, but if you guys are up for camping the absence of a tent
>and related shelter on your backs will be a luxury worth more than $5.
>Crag Camp and Gray Knob also give you access to the summit snowfields
>of Adams (assuming they are still there) and place you within striking
>distance of Jefferson and Castle Ravines if the weather is clear enough to
>permit an amble across the ridge.

Looks quite nice, but it is up to $8/night.  Need to have the cash on
hand.  No CC swipe machines up there.  Still a bargain.  Bring a stove and
a thermarest, though they do have some matresses.  Crag Camp and Gray Knob
look to hold about 15-20 each, and are first come/first served.  Sounds
good to me?  Who else is up for swank digs Friday night at 4300'?

-Jim B.

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