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Subject: Who provides consumer health info?

Health professionals of any ilk
Aunty, Oma, Grandmere...
Public librarians, community college librarians...
Anyone who works in a pharmacy, health food store, sports equipment
Workers in health departments (including support staff)
Employers (example: farmers required to provide info to farmworkers)
Anyone who works or volunteers with American Cancer Society, or any
        health charity, on national, state, or local level
Science teachers
PE teachers
Ad writers
Personal trainers
My yoga teacher
...and maybe the #1 provider: anyone who says anything about health on
the web

At a rough guess, I'd say medical librarians provide approximately
.000001% of the nation's consumer health information.  To quote Michele
Spatz and Val Lawrence, our leadership and expertise are greatly
needed!  We can't stop people from sharing health information with each
other and we shouldn't!  But we just might be able to help improve the
quality of that information.

Nancy Press
Consumer Health Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region
University of Washington Box 357155
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