On Tuesday, May 08, 2001 8:41 PM, Richard C. Ramsden
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> OK.  It looks like I'm going.

        I'm not.  It will be my first snowless week since mid-November.  I
have to go to CT to visit Mom and try to make up for the fact that I
skipped Easter, blew off a birthday, forgot my nephew's 4 birthday and
a few other things that I have forgotten.  Oh Gawd, it looks like my
next life is gonna' be brutal.

> I've got a 15 degree bag, ridge rest, and a pot.  I know I need some
> more gear and food.  What are people bringing?  What should I get?

        Sounds good especially the pot ... ahem .... um, for cooking ....
yeah, cooking, that's right.  Anyway, Mac & Cheese always works (bring
some powdered milk and a small vial of oil for it).  Don't forget a
headlamp.  reeB is too heavy, so bring some harder stuff - more
efficient and a faster train, too.

> For that matter.  Where is the Lowe's?

        Head east on US 2 from Jefferson towards Gorham.  It will be on your
left halfway between those 2 points - primarily a service station (gas
and garage).  Parking is $1/night there.  It is a classic
North-of-The-Notches business.  Lowe's Path starts just a few hundred
yahds to the west and is a very historic path.  It is relatively
heavily used.  Ascend this to Gray Knob and take a left on Gray Knob
Path to Crag Camp as an alternative to starting from Appalachia.  I
think this might be shorter than the Jerm route; I'm too lazy to
search for my silver 25th Edition White Mtn guidebook (critical).


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