Following are drafts re WWSU initiatives. Please reveiew and submit any
thoughts to Kent. ... Wavell

WWSU May 21 Excom Meeting:
The Moretown Board have reviewed the draft minutes of this meeting and
request that these minutes be amended as follows:

1. Discussion of Harwood Assessment, insert at the end: This executive
committee decision is opposed by the Moretown Board on the grounds that
any proposed new assessment formula must be approved by a separate vote
of all WWSU communities.  To maximize the likelihood of a consenting
vote in all towns, all school boards should strongly support a final
proposal.  This is best ensured by having all boards participate in the
discussions which develop a final proposal.  The WWSU board is by far
the best vehicle to ensure this outcome.

2. Ad-Hoc committees, insert at the end:  The Moretown Board believe
that the Executive committee is the proper venue for substantive
discussions in most of the areas set forth by the Moretown board and
thus feel that the establishment of most of the ad-hoc committees to
deal with these issues is unwise and ill advised.  Nevertheless, the
Chair of the Moretown board requests that he be notified as early as
possible of scheduled meetings of any of the ad-hoc committees so that
he can arrange for Moretown representation.

3.  Next Meeting, insert at end:  This schedule is opposed by the
Moretown Board whose position is that the WWSU executive committee
cannot properly discharge its responsibilities unless it is prepared to
meet on a regular basis.

4. Director of Curriculum & Assessment Position:  Specify terms, since
reference to executive session is meaningless.

5. Performance Bonus: Specify to whom and how much since reference to
executive session in meaningless.  Also add the following: The Moretown
Board do not feel that it is in the best interests of the operation of
central office that the WWSU board should be acting in this
administrative capacity.  It is unwise to offer one employee a bonus in
the absence of a well thought out bonus program for all employees as
developed and supported by the administration.  Further the WWSU board
should not make important decisions of this nature without allowing for
general local board consideration prior to adoption.

WWSU Policy Manual:

Concept:  Wherever possible it is sensible that policies adopted as
needed in one school of a supervisory union will be adopted in all
schools of the union, and that these policy statements will be identical
for all schools.  In this way a single policy manual for the WWSU
suffices for all schools and one shared policy development procedure
replaces the inefficiencies of six separate and independent policy
development procedures.

Shared Policy Development Procedures:  Any school board including the
WWSU board can initiate the development of a proposed new policy or an
updating of an old policy, which proposed policy will be submitted for
review to the WWSU executive committee.  This committee will in turn
seek input from all other boards in respect to this policy and act as a
final forum for developing concensus for a final draft acceptable for
separate adoption by all school boards.

Local Departures from Shared Policies:  For certain policies local
conditions can argue eloquently for local policy variations, or even for
unique local policies.  Where such conditions clearly apply, the policy
as included in the WWSU policy manual will be clearly annotated in
respect to its variant or unique application.

Rules for Policy Development:
1.  No policy will be adopted by any school board until it has passed
successfully through the WWSU review process.
2.  The WWSU shall be responsible for the proper production, review, and
maintenance of the WWSU master policy manual in an electronic form with
appropriate back up, copies of which will be distributed to all local
boards after any update or upon the specific request of any board