Starting this month, the University of Vermont is licensing a new suite of
AntiVirus products for all University affiliates (students, faculty, and
staff).  The new software is Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition for Windows
and Macintosh systems.  This replaces both the Macintosh "Virex DropScan"
and Windows "McAfee AntiVirus".

University affiliates should start installing this software on their systems
immediately.  Be sure to remove your existing antivirus software before
installing Norton AntiVirus.

The windows software can be download from:
with installation and configuration directions found at:

Macintosh users can download software from:
with documentation found at:

Note that the download pages are password protected; they require a zoo
account username and password to access the files.

We will be making staff members available to assist _departments_ with the
antivirus installations.  Please contact Greg MacKinnon at x68251 if your
department will require assistance, and we will schedule an appointment.

Virus protection is available for NT/2000 and NetWare servers as well:
If you would like to have your server-side antivirus software managed by
CIT, please contact me for help with the software installation.

-Greg MacKinnon
CIT Client Services