Yes, certainly sounds suspicious to me....

Is there such a thing as a "racial identity instrument"?  Is that really
legal, I wonder....

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Racial identity instruments.  Interesting question.

I normally use a pair of eyes to differentiate black from white.  Of course,
they are faulty devises.  I won't be able to tell if what I think is a white
person actually possess a few ounces of black blood.  There ought to be a
law clearly identifies and defines  the "racial blood" so we can
identify/classify a person's race.  How else can we tell a child with
white/black/brown/yellow mixed blood what race s/he is?

Please do share with the list when you get the information on racial
identity assessment scales.   Thank you.

Teresa C. Yu

p.s. FYI, I am suffering from the post-July 4th syndrome.  Heard too many
American the Beautiful.

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        Subject:        racial identity instruments

        I know this is a little off-topic, but I am hoping someone from this
        can help me find the source of two racial identity scales.

        I am looking to review/purchase the following racial identity scales
for a
        corporate project. Does anyone know whom I should contact to do
this? I am
        unfamiliar with obtaining identity assessment scales.

        1. Black Racial Identity Assessment Scale
        2. White Racial Identity Assessment Scale

        Does anyone have any information about these two scales? thanks...

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