I apologize for the cross-posting.  I wanted this to reach as many
Freeshare users as possible.

I am working on a short piece on the impact Freeshare has had on my
library and would like to know if my positive experience is echoed
throughout the Freeshare community.

Since joining Freeshare, we have seen a dramatic decrease in our
average cost/ILL.  For instance, in 1999, it was $4.50.  For 2000, it
was $3.76 (only members of Freeshare for half the year.) So far, for the
first 8 months of 2001, our average cost/ILL is only $1.20.  No staff
time has been figured into this, only what we have to pay lending
libraries for requests.  Would anyone be willing to share the effects
joining Freeshare has had on their costs?  I'm also interested in any
other thoughts you might have about Freeshare.

Please send any responses directly to me.  I will summarize for the

Thank you,

Tanya Marie Sanchez, MA
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