Dear medlib members,

   I annouce the first version (0.1) of a PubMed Toolbar project. This
project developed an application for use in Mozilla (free navigator) and
for commercial browser Netscape 6.1 Preview Release 1.

   This toolbar increases your ability to search information in NLM
medline database trough PubMed interface.

   You may think why we developed this toolbar for mozilla/netscape?
Well, because Mozilla ( is a free navigator and it run
in the most know platform, like windows (9x/ME/NT/2k), MacOS, linux,
unix, etc.

   For Microsoft Internet Explorer, we plan to build a version soon.

   For download and install toolbar go to

   At the moment, the toolbar is good tested in Windows platform for
Mozilla v0.9x and RedHat Linux 6.x and 7.x with Mozilla v0.9x too. Today
I test it in other platforms.

   Suggestions and comments are welcome.

   I apologize for my poor english.


Adrian Mastronardi
[log in to unmask]
Buenos Aires - Argentina