In the previous discussions of this issue in DOCLINE-L, there were requests
that DOCLINE put in its pipeline a work order to move the Bill To and Mail
To addresses which would no doubt solve this problem in one easy software
fix. So far, with some major iterations of their software, they've not seen
fit to do this, so I hope all you practicing librarians who have been
writing about this also are writing to the DOCLINE-L about it. If they hear
from enough people about your concern, perhaps it will eventually be moved
up in their list of priorities....

If we just kvetch among ourselves and point blaming fingers, nothing will
happen. Meanwhile, if you come from a public library orientation like I did
where SERVICE is our marching motto, OF COURSE you send the ILL to the Mail
To address. If you didn't have that orientation or didn't train your
volunteers or assistants to that orientation, then you might be a bit more
blasť about whether or not you Mail To the patron or not. If you are not
mailing to the patron, then you are providing very poor service. Period. No
other excuses count.

Just MHO.
Clare Ackroyd, MLS, Writer
Working for myself these days...
(aka, retired on disability)
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I agree whole-heartedly!  I also am a solo and if I take the time to change
the address on the request so it will be sent to the patron instead of me,
I always hope that the filling library will look at the send to portion not
just the bill to portion.  Generally I do this because I may be out of the
office for a few days or I would like it to get to the patron quicker than
Another point.  When I send a ILL I always make 2 copies of the original
request.  One goes in my file, one is sent with the ILL and the third is
cut up and used as a mailing label.  That way I do not have ILLs sent from
here with things cut from the ILL request page.
Karen Crosser
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I am a one person library too, with no volunteers and I appreciate
the comments of all the OPL but I have to ask.....
Is it so difficult to look at the two addresses on the ILL request and
cut out the correct one?  It doesn't take any more time and the
effort is equal if you use scissors to cut the address.
As Bill would say "Just my two cents"

On 13 Jul 01, at 9:04, Lou R Miller wrote:

With our institutions demanding more and more while giving us less and less
work with, I find it hard to spend any more time than I have to on ILL's.
 I am
a one-person library with only 20 hours of volunteer time per week.  At the
beginning of the year my full-time status was cut to half-time.  So if I
fail to
send your patron an article and, instead, send it to you, my hope is that
will try to understand the precious time that was saved.  Even if not sent
the specified address  -  at least it WAS sent.  My customer service is as
important to me as yours is to you, but with so little time, I must put my
patrons first.  If it is any comfort, I rarely ask for anything to be sent
directly to my patrons.

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