Jerm says:

> You are confusing the decidedly whose-y Snowmass Ski Area with

I once fell on my first turn on the Hanging Valley Wall at Snowmass.  The
untracked I jumped into turned out to be deep windblown and I heard that
horrific "click-click" of a double release.  I think I touched 5 times as I
rag-dolled down maybe 500' of vertical.  I arrived at the bottom with my
pants down on my ankles (I ripped the zipper out), two ski pole grips
without shafts in my hands, and some minor cuts and scrapes from where I'd
hit pine tree halfway down the hill.  Other'n a similar tumble down what
used to be called the Sudain Couloir at Blackcomb, that's the worst fall
I've ever had.

There are _SOME_ parts of Snowmass that aren't groomed corduroy.


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