Jerm sez:

> Also, if I remember correctly, Saudan's Couloir has been
> renamed Couloir Extreme (lame). I think Sylvain Saudan
> had some issues about them using his name, though this is
> a 3rd or 4th hand rumor.

I heard it exactly the same way.  I've heard it from Whistler locals so
it's probably now upgraded to a 2nd or 3rd hand rumor.  Where's His
Editorship when you need him?

Couloir Extreme description?  I've always done the "ladies tee" traverse in
from the skier's right edge of the cornice.  It's maybe 200' of single
track packed traverse to where you make your first right turn.  There's
usually about 20' of cornice above you at that point.  The surface is
usually almost like snowmaking velvet from the avalanche shelling and I've
never encountered moguls.  It's steep enough that I have to ski it gaper-
style with jump turns where I pretty much come to a complete stop at the
end of every turn and I consume maybe 25' of vertical per turn.  If you
screw up at the top, there are enough rocks on skier's right that it's a no-
fall as you traverse in and that's where the mind game happens.  After
that, it's steep but wide enough that you get adreno-buzz, not terror-
buzz.  Once you make your first two or three turns and to get rid of the
tightness and get the rythm, it's surprisingly easy skiing.  Maybe it's
just me but my ears always ring during the traverse and for those first
couple of turns.  After that, it turns into a big grin.  The couloir
remains steep like that for maybe 30 turns and gradually mellows out.
Halfway down, it's mellowed to about the pitch of Ovation at Killington and
is durn'd pleasant skiing.

I've watched people jump the cornice but I'm too much of a whose to even
consider it.  As I've gotten older, the couloir has gone from a "must-do"
to an "only if the conditions and light are perfect".  I was last on it 3
seasons ago in March and Whistler had so much snow that all the rocks were
covered and it didn't feel so terrifying.  Last December, I looked down at
all that rock in relatively low coverage and opted out.


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