Bridger Bowl 16 mi. NW of Bozeman is about as good as it gets.  Mark
Renson and I have both had great skiing there (separate trips).  See
Mark's FTO story.  The highlight of Bridger is "The Ridge", a 500 v. ft.
climb above the lift to the steep & deep.  You need a shovel, beacon, and
a buddy to go there.  Sign out w. the patrol.  I didn't get there but Mark
did, and reported it in his story.  The tram at Big Sky is probably tied
with the Peak chair at Whistler for best single lift in N. Am.  It
accesses an astonishing quality and quantity of terrain.  However it is
another 70 miles beyond Bozeman and it has world class prices as well.  If
you live in MT and can pick your days, Bridger is probably the better
place for a season pass.

Anaconda, about halfway from Missoula to Bozeman, has a great place.  I'm
thinking it may be the one Leigh went to but not sure.  MT is full of
great places that nobody ever heard of.  Try em all!  Have a run and a
Moose Drool Ela for me.


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