You realize that those old time down mountain racers were crazy!  I don't
mean a little warped like most SkiVTlers, but seriously lacking in regard
for life and limb.  I could handle a down mountain race from Muir Camp to
Paradise because there are no trees, but no way am I going to hurl my
aging bod down a 1930s style wooded New England trail in a race.  When
those guys did that they were half my present age and much better athletes
and much crazier.  Homework for all those who haven't done it.  The video
"Legends of American Skiing" available from NE Ski Museum in Franconia
Notch and AMC bookstore at Pinkham Notch.  It covers roughly a century;
Calif. Gold camps where miners raced on 12 ft. skis with boots nailed on,
to Toni Matt's 1939 Inferno Run.  It is a must.  BTW 1850 Gold Camp racing
on the original specs skis has been revived in Calif.  Many of the people
doing it are direct descendants of the original racers.  They were and are
strictly powder 11 races.  When Billy Kidd came back from the 64 Olympics
he raced one of those guys and lost.  Longer skis are faster and there is
simply no way for a man on 7 ft. skis to beat a man on 12 ft. skis in a
straight out tuck.

A SkiVT outing would be a great idea.  Even a race for the race minded and
an outing for the rest of us.  Jerm has stated that the Thunderbolt is the
premier 30s race trail in New England and he has done them all.

Teardrop is a great trail, and yes it was a Class A, as I believe was
Bruce.  Nosedive is better known among Stowe trails but Nosedive today
would probably be unrecognizable to the racers of the 30s.   Teardrop and
Bruce are probably not far removed from their original form.  Bruce gets
snowboard traffic but Teardrop is enough of a hike to access that it does
not.  Worthy aspirants already know where to get further info in the
public domain.  In southern NE there is the Pine Hill at Wachusett which
was not a Class A because the vertical is too short.

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