Well, at least I know I'm not the only one who wants to do this. Misery
loves company :)

The non-doorstop answer to "Why not use print?" is that

(1) I want to manipulate the trees electronically, that's kind of the point,

(2) I need to do what I need to do with multiple trees and would prefer not
to word process for the rest of my life.

I tried the Ovid display, too, and just one little teeny tree resulted in a
page that was so slow to load it was counterproductive.

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University of Pittsburgh

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Subject: Re: RefQ: educating kids, drugs that look like candy

Thanks to: Jan Daum, Nancy Gilly, Jill Livingstone, Cindy Schmidt, and Karen
Douglas for their help with this one.  It seems like a lot of people have
seen this poster around. Along with suggestions of asking local schools,
pharmacies or consulting consumer health brochures I was also given the
following web sites.

I think our Educational Services department will find exactly what they
need. Thanks everybody!

Leann Isaac
Jameson Health System Library
New Castle PA

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