I was asked to summarize responses to this question--received only two
replies, given below:

We've been using the CARL Uncover service for automated table of
contents.  Since Ingenta bought the service, we've not been receiving
ANY table of contents.  This lack of service has gone on for months. So,
we're now looking for an alternative.  Are any of you using a different
service?  If so, can you share the name of the company and maybe contact

A.)   Although I have not started using it, I am giving serious
consideration to CISTI Source. There is information on their web site

CISTI is a major document provider, much as NLM is in the U.S. with a
broad medical, health, scientific and technical scope.

B.)   I believe that Ingenta has been busy recovering all the clients
service.  I work 2 jobs and service returned on different schedules.  I
have them
back about 2 months.  They are better than UnCover.  More journals are

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