NURSENET is the most "general" listserv.  It is very chatty.  Many nurses
would prefer a list focused on their specialty.  See list of nursing lists
at , which links
back to NURSENET home page for subscription information on NURSENET.

See CINAHL record AN:20010126 for a description and indexing example - note
that you could find this information by searching using the subject Nursing
as a Profession (or one of the others) and limit to
PublicationType=Listservs (LIS).  While an older record not yet in the
latest structured format now used for CINAHL database website records, this
question illustrates how one might use CINAHL database searches to find
websites that might answer nursing, allied health, and consumer questions -
same type of indexing as for journal articles.  You will also find URLs
included in CINAHL records for journal articles about websites, as well as
in the Website records.  You can look at the parts of this database record
(Title and Description) by clicking on the i symbol next to the titles in
the CINAHLsources web index, free on the Cinahl Information Systems website.

Peg, who should be writing more of these CINAHLsources descriptions

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> Do you know of any listserves for nurses (in general)?
> Particularly those that are used by nurses who work in
> hospital settings.
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