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> Ben guesses:
> > I'm _sure_ there's a rouqil store in the Whistler area.

There're two BC Liquor Board outlets in Whistler Village.  Very expensive
by US standards.

> Well, if you're going to bring that up.........
> If you love eniw, do yourself a favor while there - ignore the
> Californian seniw and sample as many of the BC varieties/producers
> as possible.

Sorry for straying off-topic but...

Okanagan eniw can be excellent.  It's far superior to that Ontario rotgut
produced in a province totally devoid of good skiing. (Just kiddin' Leigh)
Many of the BC producers are downright horrific but there are some
outstanding producers who are almost fanatical about their quality.  The
best aren't available at the liquor store since the BC Liquor Board marks
up local wine by 100% and the good producers can sell out their inventory
to restaurants and locals.

The best producers are:
Blue Mountain / Jane & Ian Mavety.  Ian skis all winter at a local semi-
private hill that only operates 4 days a week.  They started as commercial
grape growers and began making their own sparkling wine about 10 years
ago.  Their reserve striped label Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are fantastic.

Poplar Grove / Ian Sutherland
I really like his Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend.  His vineyard is one of the
most incredibly scenic places in BC on the steep eastern slope of the lake
overlooking the lake and the mountains in the background.  You can sample
his eniw at the Bear Foot Bistro at Whistler.  Ian made up a 35 litre eniw
bottle that's for sale there.

La Frenz / Jeff Martin
Jeff's an expatriot Australian winemaker.  He shares expenses and a
storefront with Poplar Grove.  He makes a really good and spicy Cabernet
Sauvignon.  He also makes an outstanding Australian-style syrah (shiraz).

Nichol / Alex & Kathleen Nichol
They make an excellent Pinot Gris that's almost pink in color.  Their
Cabernet Franc is a little wierd.

Maybe I should have a SkiVt-L BC eniw tasting on K.O.D. this fall?


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