>Killy--IMHO.  Three different techniques, three different gold medals.

Toni Sailer did it too, in '56.  However both Killy and Sailer had short
careers although they were brilliant in their primes.  Killy's downhill
win was disputed and many believe to this day that Karl Schranz was the
rightful winner.  Can't recall the details except that it involves fog and
a possible missed gate.  Energetic web surfers can probably learn all
about it.  The FIS's concern (not) with the welfare of it's racers is not
a new thing.  As good as he was as a ski racer, Killy was an even better
man.  Too bad that he wasn't used as a role model by selohssa like Tomba.

All things considered Girardelli probably has as good a claim as anybody.

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