> Isn't that Profanity over there on the left though?   I would have
> thought Hourglass starts from the absolute top of the summit ridge,
> somewhere in that rocky area, then drains into the more open area
> where you can see a few sets of tracks.

Nope, it is further around the corner to the left. The summit actually
appears lower than the high point in that picture due to the camera
angle (the summit is just left of the high point, at the top of a diagonal
line drawn through the Hourglass). You can see the tracked/sloughed area
below the throat of the hourglass if you look closely. The face between
the Hourglass and the LT/North Ridge looks very skiable in that picture,
but most likely is just covered by a thin layer of drift on bare 60
degree rock.. when it fills in that area is one of the steepest and
scariest in Vermont (especially at the top, where you really cant see
what is below you).


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