I am 100% positive that the Dynafit 4S will work perfectly fine in the
Silvretta 500 (or the 404, which is basically the same binding, but with
metal instead of carbon fiber).  I am also fairly sure that the Dynafit 4S
will work in the 505, but since the 505's step-in heel is more picky than
the 500/404's latch-in heel, you should verify the compatibility with Neil
at TP.  But note that new Dynafit bindings coming out this fall are
supposed to be much more convenient.

The only notable problem the Diamir has experienced is with central rail
breakage from touring, not turning.  But this is easily remedied by any
combination of the following actions:

- Buy the smallest size that will fit your boot (so that you're not
leveraging against excess rail length).
- Enter and exit the heel piece only when it is in locked/ski mode (i.e.,
not resting on top of the heel elevator).
- Buy the Diamir II, which has a stronger rail (vs. the original Diamir).

Otherwise, I've heard of the occassional toe piece breakage or whatever,
but I can tell you similar stories of every alpine race binding.  Plus the
new Diamir Freeride will presumably have stronger toe and heel pieces.

As for the WA gentleman to whom Dana refers, he does indeed ski lift-served
about once a week when the lifts are turning.  And he's skied at least once
a month for many, many years straight.  So although I personally witnessed
his Diamir breakage #1 (I can e-mail you a picture of his amazing field
repair), given his additional weight, and given his additional ski time, I
figure that my Diamirs with 74 days on them still have lots of life

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