So how does a resort simply turn a blue trail into a green trail?
More bulldozer work, or more marketing spin?

Considering the trickiness of the Timberline lift and the potentially
nasty weather up that high, I have to question their judgment here.  I
don't know which is worse--luring beginners higher just to pump up
green-vertical, or actually busting out some dynamite to actually make
the trail greener.  I suppose it's a less ice-prone trail than Tote
Road.  What will they do about the current use of Timberline by the
warp-speed cruiser crowd?


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New for next winter!
Get out the chainsaws! Looking for that easiest way down isn't always a bad
idea when you find yourself on top of Maine's biggest ski mountain. Based on
feedback from Sugarloafers and following a slope evaluation, Timberline has
been reclassified from Blue Square to Green Circle and a new trail will
start from Upper Scoot to Horseshoe. The change in Timberline's
classification and the addition of a new trail means summit access to novice
levels and above, as well as continuos Green Circle terrain from the summit
to the base. We'll be sure to update you with the progress once the cutting

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