> Adjustable poles are a nice to have.  Short for climbing, long for descents.
> I <heart> my flicklocks.  As Benjamin noted, SOP for non-adjustable poles is
> to make a duct-tape lower grip for climbing & traversing.

Until you bend them, which for me usually happens on around turn #3. Poles
are poles, dont spend money on them, just replace with whatever is lying
around. Plus, mismatched equipment is way cool. Standard alum poles can be
clicked together, which may or may not clue your buds in on your
location when engulfed in thick woods.

So it looks like we have a growing contigent of backcountry enabled
skivtler's, maybe we should book Bryant Camp and the Stone Hut and
organize a weekend SkiVT-L Haute Route? I'm thinking Fri night Bryant, sat
night Stone Hut.. with a dash across the Bolton-Trapp (& Steeple for those whom
the B-T doesnt whip) followed by a ride up the Forerunner to sat night


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