> but I don't (maybe from years of practice without it?)  When your glue is
> loaded with grit & leaves and your skins are sopping wet a tip/tail kit
> might save you from postholing, but that's about the only advantage that
> comes to mind.

That's a huge advantage though. There comes a point in the wetness vs
coldness spectrum where the clipless are truely miserable. This point was
illustrated on half a dozen bc skinanthons last winter. And it ALWAYS
happens at the worst possible time (ask Telenaut). Once that
back edge starts a-flappin, you're well on your way to cussin and fussin,
when you could be skinnin and grinnin. Duct tape can help, but for only so
long. If you plan on skinning and reskinning more than once a day, then
the hooks are worth their weight in gold, specially in the cold and damp


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