Quoth Skip:
|  Sugarloaf has cut a bypass around that section
|  consistent with green circle pitch, which then allows the
|  remainder of the trail to be reclassed.

Well, there you have it!  Not as dramatic as dynamite, though.

I suppose the only real objection left is that, as green circle
terrain, the green customers will have a reasonable expectation of
slower skiing.  That was a wonderful trail to cruise on late in the
day after the blues on the front side of the mountain had turned to
dangerous boilerplate.  I always appreciated how the 'Loaf managed to
segregate different skiing speeds.

I still feel sorry for the liftie who's gonna be at the Timberline
unloading platform on a windy day.  They gotta put a taller, steeper
ramp on that sucker or a lot of beginners will be taking chairs to the
back of the head.

I'd still like to see another T-bar up high, though.  The Bateau
already makes a great ambition filter on windy powder days...


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