> Uh, count me in, that is, with the non-racing whoses.
> And uh, what's Steeple? a Stowe Touring Center trail?

Ok so I guess I should clarify a bit.

On Fri night, everyone rendezvous at Bryant Camp, which is a hop, skip,
and a mile long jump up the southern flank of Bolton Mt from Bolton Valley
Resort (can actually be reached via gravity traverse from the top of the
Wilderness chair for those looking for the easy way). Feast and stay fri
night in the cabin (the more bodies, the better.. wood stove is reputedly
less than efficient). Firewood is snowmobiled in as part of the $50/night
fee Bolton charges, perhaps we could get them to ferry other stuff in as

On Sat, everyone skis the Bolton-Trapp. With a ~9 ish start from
Bryant, we could do a swank lunch at Trapp's and those who are tired could
either catch the shuttle to Mansfield base or ski there through the X-C
network.  Those who want more challege would skin up Skytop ridge to the
top of the Steeple. Steepl is one of the classic CCC testpeices, and the
only one in VT that is not accessible by lift. The hardest corps would
then skin up Bruce to Stone Hut whereas mere mortals would ski rolling
terrain to the Toll House lift.  On Sunday, vert hogs ski lift served at
Stowe, BC fools yo-yo Forehead and Nose, and everyone descends Bruce at
days end.

Most of the fuel and food could be ferried in by lift and snowmobile so
we would only need day packs. Sleeping bags and pads may not have not be
carried either, though that might require a lackey to accomplish (would
cart sleeping bags down from Bryant via sled, then drive around and drop
em off at Mansfield where lifties will load your stuff for you).

With the exception of the bypassable Bruce and Steeple options, this
entire route is passable by those of intermediate abilities. There are a
few extended flat aras that may be disconcerting but most can be bypassed
with strategically placed vehicles. The mellowest option would include
less than 1000' of climbing, spread over a long distance. Hardest option
would be more like 5000' in 3 pretty big chunks.

So, when do we go? Stone Hut needs to be booked way in advance for Sat
nights. I think it costs ~80/night, and Bryant is ~50/night. So if we get
8-10 peeps this could be real cheap.


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