>From:         Jeremy Malczyk <[log in to unmask]>
 Subject:      Bolton-Stowe Haute Route<

Count me in.

>On Sat, everyone skis the Bolton-Trapp. With a ~9 ish start from
 Bryant, we could do a swank lunch at Trapp's and those who are tired
 either catch the shuttle to Mansfield base or ski there through the X-C

That's about 8 mi isn't it?  Lunch at Trapp?  How does it compare with the
8 miles of Woodward Mtn?  (I enjoyed that one but couldn't do it in 3 hr.

>The hardest corps would
 then skin up Bruce to Stone Hut whereas mere mortals would ski rolling
 terrain to the Toll House lift.<

I'm a mere mortal thanks.  Can you get a single ride, Stone hut, whatever
ticket to ride Toll House?

> On Sunday, vert hogs ski lift served at
 Stowe, BC fools yo-yo Forehead and Nose, and everyone descends Bruce at
 days end.<

Chin?  (Conditions permitting)

>I think it costs ~80/night, and Bryant is ~50/night. So if we get
 8-10 peeps this could be real cheap.<

I'll commit now.  If something comes up I'll either sell it or eat it.

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