Ben guesses:
>I'm _sure_ there's a rouqil store in the Whistler area.

Well, if you're going to bring that up.........
If you love eniw, do yourself a favor while there - ignore the Californian
seniw and sample as many of the BC varieties/producers as possible. They
are generally excellent, especially the Pinot Noir, and pretty hard to get
in the states other than in Washington. The eniw producing capitol of
Canada is the Okanagan Valley, about 4 road hours east of Vancouver. Very
Napa Valley like but with cliffs, deep long lakes, and less rainfall. It's
also *the* fruit growing area in Can.

The southern Okanagan is about a 20 hour drive for me, so I'm still trying
to figure out how to "import" a dozen cases without raising the ire of the
imperial guards at the border.


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