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 Subject:      Re: Best Ski Racer ever?
 >>  How about Alf Engen.

 You really aren't serious, are you??


It's a nice site but I didn't see anything about his competitive career.
Maybe I didn't look hard enough.

Well, my purpose was to provoke.  Does anybody else on the List ever do
that?  What about the 4-way people?  Alf won at slalom, GS, DH and ski
jump.  He won the North American 4-way title at least once.

Realistically you can't compare people from different eras.  There were
people like Engen and Matt of surpassing mastery but everyone knows that
the pure skill levels and depth of competition is far greater now.  IIRC
Andrea Mead Lawrence fell and missed a gate in one of her olympic golds,
climbed up the hill, went through the gate and still won by 6 seconds!
One wonders what some of the great racers of old could do under the spur
of modern competition, with modern equipment.

Just trying to raise a ski topic to get us through the dog days.

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