Dana Dorsett wrote:

> What do your race-stock Rossis look like?  I've got a pair of 201s with the
> 9.9 graphics, but they measure out like the 9.9 less 2-3mm on every
> dimension, and weigh a lot more (probably due to the alleged solid
> wood-no-lamintation core.) It's funny to read the "62mm technology" graphic
> on the topskins when the waist measures a bare 60mm. Cool skis!

They are the 9Xs from 2 years ago (I think, maybe it's 3 now), and they look
like that year's 9Xs, but apparently that's where the similarities end.  Matt K.
has a former racer of his who has skied both the race-stock and the
over-the-counter 9X, and says they're a totally different ski.  I have no idea
what the dimension of mine are, though they are 191cm in lenth.  And they are
also one reason I will never abandon groomed McTrails!

> Snoop around- K2 Flight/Xs are out there with $99 price tags, new.  It's the
> same dimensions at the Xplorer and Olin Selkirk and a nice ski on the fat
> side of mid-fat. (Sorry, mine aren't for sale- yet.) I might let the even
> fatter Fischer Alltrax Mountain/Xs go though- backchannel me if you think
> you're interested. They're pretty hefty, but have a huge platform at
> 108-78-98mm x 191cm, which is more ski than I'll ever need. A great go-fast
> ski too!

I'll trade you the Mach 2's (with bindings!) for the Fischers!!

Ben K.

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