Denis Bogan wrote:
> K2 makes good skis.

God yes.  I love K2 skis.  Had a pair of Composite Slaloms in high
school that were great.  I bought a pair of X-15's that I love (though
other list members didn't seem to like much) and was happy that I went
really short; 173 vs. my previous 200's.

> I drifted away from K2 and became a Volkl skier.  Also pretty much left
> alpine for tele.  4 (?) years ago I decided to see if shaped skis were any

OK - I've done this too. Instead of Volkl I migrated to Solomon (Prolink
Equipe 1S and Supermountains) Haven't tried many K2 tele skis, but I
liked the run or two I had on a pair at the tele fest.  I think the
X-15's may turn into another pair of tele boards.

> Once again I was hooked after a couple of
> turns and bought a pair of K2 Fours.  That may have been the first really
> good versatile shaped ski.

I keep hearing this from many people, and I couldn't disagree more.  I
hated the K2 Four.  I tried it twice, figuring it was conditions, or my
not being used to shaped boards, or something else besides the ski, and
disliked them more the second time than the first.  Immediately after
the Four, I tried the Merlin IV (I think) and _loved_ it.  The guy I was
demoing with (one of the guided demo guys as S'Bush) said that "the K2
Four's are meant for a 10-20 day/year skier who doesn't want all
mountain versatility or race performance" (paraphrased.) I found it a
little hard to believe, seeing all the instructors and racers I saw on
them, but skiing them my legs could certainly tell that they weren't the
ski for me.

Speaking of old boards.. anyone want to bid on the prolink Equipe 1S's?
They're ~202 (PR7?) and in decent shape.  They've got a pair of 850s (I
think) bindings on them. Not sure how many days are on them, but I'd bet
it's less than 50, and most of them were at Bristol.


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