Dana Dorsett wrote:

> Wanna demo my 198cm X-15s? (clearly a big bad ski, though not the King Kong
> monster that the 204 Morrison is.)

Heh, no, that's quite all right.  Lightweight that I am, 173 suits me
pretty well (when I ski it.)

> My own demos on Fours were a mixed bag- good when cruising hard but short on
> forgiveness factor when taken to their speed limit.  But I like my wife's
> The Merlin-IV may have more fun-factor- hard to say, they're so similar in
> so many ways, but it seems a bit more forgiving (of things like backseat
> driving, etc) to me than either the Four or the Power. YMMD

I found that they were squirrely when making short radius turns.  I was
trying to initiate them way too far forward (one of the instructors
pointed that out) because I was used to having a stiff 200cm ski in
front of me.  I could never get the hang of them.  The IV's (they were
red & black, like the X-15's, right?) responded much better.  good short
radius, able to crash through the crud that was on the McTrails (*Grin*)
and decent enough in the bumps.  Decent enough that I couldn't tell if
it was my poor bump technique, or the skis. :)

> Anybody know where Olin is making skis these days, with K2 heading east?

Can't help ya there..


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