Jim wrote


Goode still goes with the
early 90s techno carbon-fiber weenie topskin look.  Anybody out there
ever owned or skied 'em?


    I bought a Goode water ski for this year. At $900 for a blank ski
it is the most expensive water ski sold that I know of. They let me
demo it for 2 months, and I liked it, so I kept it.

    Someone at Goode actually called me in March with the demo offer
(I got a free ski bag and a price break, the ski goes for $950 now)
that expired at the end of March. I tried to explain that the offer
was nice, but that water skiing was going to be delayed in the Northeast
due to too much snow. I called Goode back around May 1st and said if
they would honor their original offer I would try the ski. They took
the money and I got a new water ski.

    Those of you that have seen my snow skis will understand why I
would never pay that much money for a snow ski.

    To those who got me after my last posting. I was thinking later
that day about my posting, and I realized I was going to take a few shots.

     Dave Barcomb

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