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> Bridger Bowl 16 mi. NW of Bozeman is about as good as it gets.
> Mark Renson and I have both had great skiing there (separate
> See Mark's FTO story.  The highlight of Bridger is "The Ridge", a
> v. ft. climb above the lift to the steep & deep.  You need a
> beacon, and a buddy to go there.  Sign out w. the patrol.

        As I have stated before, Bridger is a must.  The Ridge is
fantastic.  That day was the best I ever had in the Lower 48.  Note
in addition to having the fiercest terrain that I have ever seen at
a lift-served area, it also has some very gentle terrain.  Bridger
along with MRG has the hardest core skiers that I have ever seen at
a lift served area.

> The tram at Big Sky is probably tied
> with the Peak chair at Whistler for best single lift in N. Am.

        I have never been to Whistler or Big Sky, but I'd have to say that
the Jackson Hole Tram, Pallavacini Chair (Arapahoe Basin - where
real Colorado skiers ski in the Front Range, along with Loveland
from what I understand), the Red Mtn summit chair (360 degrees of
tree skiing) and the dreaded MRG Single are the best lifts.

> If you live in MT and can pick your days,

        Speaking of Montana, a good book about life in the mountains of
Montana is "The White Death" by McKay Jenkins.  Some of it has a
few minor factual inaccuracies, but it is a good read.  It centers
around a horrendous avalanche that killed 4 young men on an
isolated mountain (Mt Cleveland) in Glacier NP (US) around
Christmas 1969.


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