Leigh Daboll wrote:
Hey thanks Peter!  I am now the proud owner of a pair of Scarpa Tambo Randonee Boots for $102.00.  Now, whrer can I get some bindings and skis? Will the "industry standard" Dynafit bindings work on these boots or do I need Scarpa specific bindings? Lightweight 175-185 cm mid-fat ski recomendations anyone?

The oft-cited Telemark-Pyrenees.com has _excellent_ prices.  Order Fritschi Diamir IIs, and with shipping it'll cost you approximately $220.  Or, tell a canadian dealer that you can get them for $150 (what they cost before shipping), and see if you can get them to make a counter offer - worked for me.

Apropros bindings.  Dynafits are by no means the industry standard.  Some Scarpas will work with them (not sure about the Tambo), but they are pretty much designed to work with Dynafit boots.  Other bindings include Silvretta and Fritschi.  Both are can take almost any boot but the Dynafit.  The Fritschi seems to be the best combination of convenience, weight, durability, and safety (it's the only AT binding with toe release).  Both of these bindings will accept alpine boots, as well.  But you don't have to worry about that anymore!!

As for skis, I've got a pair of Rossi Mach 2's I'll sell to you for twenty-five dollars (U.S.).  205cm, with 1, maybe 2 mm of sidecut.  These are the boards that real men ski.

Ben K.