Leigh Daboll wrote:

> My boots are Scarpa
> Tambo Randonee (bright yellow/black straps like the Crispi CSR Tele boot).
> The only Scarpas I see listed with specs are the Laser (orange) and the
> Denali (red) boots.  Same with  Are these boots old
> stock?

No, they're more of a budget, lightweight boot.  The Laser was developed as a
mix of the Tambo's and the Denali's attributes.

> 1.  Which of the Dynafit Tourlite, Silvretta 500/404 or Fritschi Diamir
> bindings will fit each boot?

Briar's Dynafit boots require the Dynafit Tourlite binding.  Your Tambos can be
used with either the Silvretta or the Fritschi, but based on the skiing you
intend to do I think the Fritschi is a smidgen more suited - even better would
be the Fritschi binding new this winter that is made for people doing exactly
what you intend try - area served bc.

> 2.    Do I really need to invest in AT skis,


> or do I lose most of the weight
> advantage if I stick with beefy mid-fat  alpine boards.

No.  Most of the important weight loss occurs in the boots and bindings.
Mid-fat alpine boards are probably perfect for your targeted use.

> 3.  I assume length should be about equal to my alpine skis, but a little
> softer flex (especially for the soft 4S's) would be in order.

Except for race skis, the softer flex of the Randonee boots don't really
necessitate getting a softer alpine board.  When you say softer flex, you mean
forward flex.  Soft forward flex is fine - until the boot bottoms out - but
lateral stiffness is key.  Randonee boot are probably just about as laterally
stiff as alpine boots.  Some people do, however prefer softer, rounder flexing
skis for off-piste skiing, but that has more to do with the skis' performance in
the snow, than boot stiffness

> 4.  Are adjustable poles really necessary, or just nice.

No, yes.  I know many Pinheads (Skivittlers among them) who don't use adjustable
poles.  Wrap duct tape around your pole, though, a little bit below the grip.
Not only will it serve as a convenient grip for the uphill hand when traversing,
but also duct tape fixes everything.

Enjoy your new gear!

Ben K.

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