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> Leigh wrote:
> What's the conversion to USD (I can work from there), and would anyone know
> offhand if there is any further issues/problems importing stuff into Canada
> vis-a-vis the US from the site.
> I have to do a bunch of this stuff at work, and I tend to use this site:

The New York Times ( also has a currency converter.  A good rough
estimate, however, is 7.5 francs/$ (it's actually 7.6+).  Neil, co-owner of, will be able to answer most, if not all, of your import questions.

> 2.  There are a ton'o different skins on offer there.  How does one choose?
> I now know wider is better as opposed to longer (where have I heard that
> before), and I think that nylon beats mohair from a longevity/value
> perspective, but what about brand name recs,  glue types, ancillary stuff
> (tail clips, strippers etc.)
> The only thing I know about skins is that the chicken tastes
> better with them on.

Mike is without a doubt on the money here.  Based on what I have seen, I'll
order Ascension/Black Diamond skins (nylon) with tailhook (ca. $100 in the
States but ca. $60 through  Once you get your skis, file a slight
notch in the tail to insure that the hook doesn't slip off accidently.  You
won't have to worry about glue for a while.  Strippers, either, unless you've
got a bachelor party to arrange.

Ben K.

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