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> In light of the recent G8 meeting being held in Europe in which all the
> players push for the new global economy, I noted a news brief in First
> where K2 has decided to stop making skis here in the US.  They stated they
> be closing their US plant putting some 450 workers out of work, and will
> this production to China whereby they will achieve "significant cost
> I guess it was bound to happen eventually.  Wheren't they the only company
> actually producing skis here?

A savings reputed to be $8 million a year is hardly pocket change. I think
Volant is made in the US, and then there is Maine's "The Claw" though
they're admittedly one of the tiniest players in the business.  I think
there are some Canadian-made XC skis (Karhu? Maybe others too), and Fels is
a Canuck alpine player that may make a return this year.  Yostmark and Voile
in the tele world, not sure where either of those are actually made...

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