> Flame shields up.

Where can I find some, Denis?

> Don't blame
> the ski areas, though (and I know you're not).

I grudgingly semi-admit that it's the customers, as much as anyone who are
responsible.  But the real evil man (as far as skiing is concerned) was
Walter Schoenknecht.  Though he did help make the sport more accessible.
OAN, my favorite idea of his was the one to detonate an atomic bomb at the
base of Mt. Pisgah (sp?), and thereby increase the vertical drop at Mt.
Snow!  But I don't think that ski areas are entirely innocent, in that they
give in to the customer on this topic.

> I would submit for consideration that while an imperfect solution[...]

I think it's a pretty darn good system, once you realize that it only
describes difficulty relative to the rest of the mountain.  Trails within
one category seem to be consistent with other same-category trails on the

> ... hope you pointed out to him that those
> trails ARE accessible to everybody!

Unless, of course, you are a Snowboarder and the mountain is Taos, Alta, or
MRG (and one other in Utah, right?)!

Ben K.

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