The American Society for Information Science
published several articles on citation analysis
YEARS ago that should have been required reading
of every graduate student in every program in the
the country.  Alas, it seems few read the works
by the husband and wife team Michael H. and Barbara
R. MacRoberts on author motivation in citing.

A more recent citation (I haven't read it yet) is

Henige, David P (April 2001) Mis/adventures in mis/quoting:
Augmented title: citation analysis reveals inaccuracies in quoted materials
Journal of Scholarly Publishing v 32 no3 p. 123-35

We need to teach our students and faculty about this literature.
They need to be made acutely aware of just how sloppy the
literature is and then make sure they don't copy it.

Our mantra should be:  Errors lead to death when you least expect it!

Scenarios to teach your students:

Geologist misreads critical paper on dynamite and recommends use of
some substance to blast areas for roads.  Substance turns out to
be highly toxic and when mixed can cause noxious fumes.

Pharmacist misquotes passage on drug interaction - results are inevitable.

etc. etc. etc.

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