Penka Stoyanova wrote:
> Another reason for incorrect citing is: many people cite without looking at
> the original article. They just use somebody else's citing....

There is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek article written in 1938 about a
consequence of people citing articles without ever having read them.  An
often cited 1887 work on dysentery had been quoted for 50 years in
various articles, and even indexed in the "Index Catalog of Medical and
Veterinary Zoology" all attributing authorship to Dr. O.Uplavici.

After some convoluted backtracking, it was found that the original was
really a Czech paper by Jaroslav Hlava, entitled "O uplavici", which
means "On dysentery".

The article is:  Dr. O.Uplavici (1887-1938) by Clifford Dobell.
Parasitology vol. 30, July 1938 p.239-41.

It was reprinted in another journal:  Isis vol.30, 1939 p.268-72

Take a look if you have either of those journals or if not, I can send
you a copy.
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