JMK babbled:
>Mmmmmm, gebak!
>Nun Ich habe hunger. response to Dana's post:

> > Nee, in het fries niet.  In het nederlands "cake" is "gebak", (en "koeken"
> > of "kuchen" niet, dus) maar ik weet niet zeker of "gebak" is dezelfe woord
> > in het fries.
> >
> > De idioom "A piece of cake" betekent "makkie" of "makkelijk" in het
> > nederlands.

Uh, what stage withdraw is it when folks start speaking in tongues?

You know, I met a bunch of German and Austrian folks at the CHI 2000
conference in The Hague (Den Hague for the native speakers)....not a one of
them was able to understand the Dutch. One of the more interesting
experiences was going to a Turkish restaurant in the Nederlands with native
Germans, Austrians, and Americans, and working through the menu in German,
pseudo-Dutch, broken English, bastardized French, and a smattering of
Italian of all things (apparently the wife of the owner - both Turkish -
lived with an Italian race car driver for some time before marriage and the
woman from Austria lived in Italy for a while I think - I was pretty
confused by then).

"Would you like a cheese sandwich, sir?"

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