>Subject:      Re: Rossi T-Power Cobra X

 Denis said:

 "However I never met a Volkl I didn't like"

 You obviously haven't tried this year's ski-binding comb sets.  I had a
 sneak preview of about 4 high end models late last spring in some wet
cruddy conditions at Holiday Valley.  After about two hours of ALL the
Vokls getting badly knocked all over the place, I couldn't wait to get
back on my X-Screams.<

I wouldn't like those.  I do like the X-Scream very much, likewise the K2
Mod-X pro.   On the 2 separate days I demoed them, I thought each wass the
best ride ever.  Would like to have a chance to do a side by side
comparison.  On my only demo day  last year (Stowe) I was not as impressed
with the Volkls.  Perhaps they are slipping, or perhaps the van tech just
didn't take care of them as well.  It can be hard to tell.

I haven't tried any of the integrated ski-binding sytems. I think the idea
is a bad one - a scam, and I hope that the public will resoundingly reject
it.  What if you fatally rock damage a new ski.?  Do you have to buy a new
binding you don't need?  Worse from a selfish point of view if the idea
takes over all of the high end market, telemarkers will not be able to use
top end alpine skis and would be limited to buying made for tele skis,
This would be a disaster IMO.

If possible resist the temptation to buy until your daughter can demo and
see what she likes.   Kathleen demoed Volkls before I bought them.  Have fun.

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