You do NOT want to drive and take the ferry to Nfld in the winter.  I'm not
sure it even runs all season in the winter.  However, as with most Canadian
flights, the starting point for flight searches are the main hubs of
Toronto, Montreal, or in this case, Halifax.  The last time I checked (early
last season), flights from those points to Corner Brook Nfld (where the
resort shuttle picks you up for both Blomidon and Marble Mountain) for as
little as $189 CDN rt. on Canada 3000 and Canjet.

I, too, have been intrigued by skiing "the earth's mantle".  It's without a
doubt the cheapest daily cost cat sking available in North America.  Marble
is supposed to be a great resort as well, as much the result of the
friendliness of the folks running the place as for its terrain, which is
also supposed to rock.  And yes, it's supposed to be real powder.


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>  Has anyone ever thought about skiing at the Blomidon Cat Skiing operation
> in New Foundland?  Well, I have and did a little research.  It will cost @
>  $600-$700 to fly from NY to Deer Lake, NF in March of 2002.
> Alternatively, I could drive 19 hours from CT to North Sydney, NS, take a
> 6 hour ferry to Port aux Basques and then drive 2 hours to the ski
> operation.  The drive to North Sydney alone is 929 miles.  Most of the US
> driving is on a major highway (I-95) but there are quite a few miles on
> backroads that I don't think I'd feel comfortable on in the winter. If
> anyone were to drive it would make sense to make this part of a larger
> trip - say ski in Maine and then take a day to drive to NF for a couple of
> days cat skiing.  Anyone interested?  I seems like it would be fun!
>  Actually it seems to be too expensive and time consuming.  Even the
> flights take most of one day making about 3 connections.  Any thoughts on
> this??<
> Wes has a nice search engine on the archives page so I searched on
> "Blomidon" since Y2K and turned up 5 posts, including yours and this gem
> from Jim Crowley who is or was doing graduate work up there.
> It looks & sounds wonderful, as does the Chic Chocs.  The problem with
> both is that for most of us the time, difficulty, & expense of getting to
> either is probably at least the equal of going west.  OTOH either would be
> a unique experience.  Also, having had the privilege of skiing with John
> Crowley, a truly awesome skier and great guy, I'd love to ski with Jim.
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