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>  I asked the list a while ago about these 2000-2001skis and did not get a
> response.<
> Dana must have been out of town or slaying deadline dragons.

Sorry- but I really _don't_ know anything about the new Cobra (not that that
has stopped me from running off at the keyboard about any other ski! :-)

> >Anyway, some of the forum feedback I'm seeing say these skis rock on the
> groomed and in gates and moguls, but suck badly off-piste and in crud
> because they won't float. This is not good. I find this hard to believe
>  with a 106-68-96 (or so) ski, but should I be directing my 5'3"115 lb
> tree-loving daughter to something else besides these 160 cm Cobras? Price
> was Ok at $280 USD. <

If it's not soft enough, even a 2 x 12 is going to leave you with a sinking
feeling &/or beat you up in the fluff'n'crud. A 68mm waist is fat enough,
but if it's a really snappy ski it can be really great on groomer & tilted
skating rinks and still slap you in the face the instant you head off into
the deep.  It's sort of like trying to drive a BMW where you really needed
an Audi A4- while the BMW may have a performance edge on dry pavement &
track, the A4 is still pretty good there, but runs away with the show in the
gravel slush & mud. If that's what folks are saying about the Cobra- keep

> It used to be an article of
> absolute faith to me that all French made skis get bullied by crud.  In
> recent years I have demoed the X-Screams and liked them very much.

That's really the past, Denis.  It used to be that only flyweights could
love those French skis, but now even monster-sized Norsemen are fans of the
Bandits and X-Screams. Most big folks stilll hate the non-fat Dynastar Max
and they're descendants though, so there may still be some legacy to that
axiom.  While I wouldn't rave about them, I found the MAX-2 and even the
MAX-L girl-ski to be decent performers despite the lack of snap.  Pretty
easygoing, not thrill-machines. But the mid-fats seem OK even to 200lb+

> However I never met a Volkl I didn't like.  Volkl changes models all the
> time and it is almost always easy to find out of model skis undrilled for
> 1/3-1/2 their list prices of a year or 2 or 3 before.

Volkls have tended to be on the heavy side, and lots of flyweights don't
like them for that reason.  I've not demoed any Volkl newer than the
extra-heavy SnowRanger though, so things may be changing. (One thing is for
sure- none of my so-called "friends" skiing new-ish Volkls have let me take
them for a spin, which may be saying something about how dearly they cherish
them! :-)

But back to Leigh's daughter: Check out the K2 Flight/X!  It's got a soft
but round flex, a 75mm waist, and really cruises well on-piste (for an
off-piste girl-ski, no less!)  They were pretty cheap last spring ($99USD at
Garts in any of their western stores), and quite a steal IMHO.  I'm ~145lbs
and was pretty stunned & amazed at how well it performed in a 183 length,
even on ice. (Look for a 153-158 for her.)  And I can't find crud deep
enough to enjoy how nicely they eat it up. They're a bit on the flabby side
compared to my touring tele-setups, but for lift-served they're
middle-of-the-road weight wise. Sidecut is something like 107-75-98- about
the same radius at the Rossis you were looking at.  They're OK in bumps, but
if she lives for bumps you'd buy a different ski (as in not a mid-fat, maybe
a foam-core). My nearly-first impresions review of it can be found online
at:  My opinion
hasn't changed- it's a lot of ski, for not a lot of money- kind of a
sleeper, perhaps mis-marketed as an "intermediate" ski.


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