Well, now that I'm back from enjoying the very farthest possible thing from a ski vacation, I'd like to throw out a few semi-ski related but nonethless interesting things out to the list.
1. I must say that the Guido household is mighty impressive.   Outside of nearly turning his prized pooch into gator dinner at night's end, things went swimmingly well and we were treated to tremendous hospitality.  Serves the dog right for stealing my chew toy (inside joke).  It's decidedy weird to sit in 95 degree August heat watching home-grown ski movies.
2.  After spending my last few years vacationing extensively where people at least halfheartedly strive to be physically active and fit, it was truly frightening to see what a nation of morbidly obese lard--butts America has become.  I do not know how Disney has avoided being required to add special seating to their rides.  IMHO, obesity is the #1 reason for the decline in per capita ski visits, not cost.
3.  Sometimes, being a lawyer has its advantages, such as when I had to threaten to sue the a** off of the crooks brokering time shares to get my promised second day refund on Disney ticket returns.  I did mange to do two days at the parks for less than half list for tickets.  OTOH, I actually enjoyed negotiating with the time share folks, and was able to negotiate tossing in a free vacation in Park City if I decide to buy a unit (that's on top of a 40% price reduction and 0% interest over three years).  I would advise anyone looking at time shares to consider buying in Orlando instead of ski country and just trading from that point on for ski time shares.  Orlando trades better than anywhere in the world.
4.   Vacationing at a touron mecca in the south makes me realize how much better it is vacationing in the mountains. Now that I've done my parental tour of duty, I can honestly say that I have no desire to go back for a long, long time.   My daughter may disagree, but she's just at that age where the lifeguards are starting to look "cute".